Bookkeeping is a critical task, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep track of everything. Businesses need to stay on top of their finances, but bookkeeping keeping everything compliant and in check can be hard while you’re trying to run your business.

A Helix bookkeeper can take the stress out of keeping your accounts in check and up-to-date while you focus on your business.

Bank Reconciliation

The process of reconciling your business’s books with your bank account statements can be time-consuming and tedious.

Without an accurate reconciliation, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your company is compliant, making a profit, and what your cash-flow requirements are. This process is critical for any business seeking to keep track of their business’s health.

A Helix bookkeeper can make the process of reconciling your books seem like magic, ultimately saving you time and energy that can be spent working on your business.

Cash Flow Management

Poor cash flow management can lead to serious consequences for businesses and remains one of the leading causes of business failure, even if the business is profitable on paper.

A Helix bookkeeper can help you get on top of your cash management by focusing on proven cash flow strategies, and producing cash flow forecasts so you know where your business is heading and what strategies you need to implement for the future.

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Payroll is a complex and time-consuming process that can easily be done incorrectly. This can lead to fines from the Fair Work Commission and the ATO, as well as unhappy employees and significant brand damage.

Helix payroll outsourcing is the answer for many businesses. By choosing an experienced payroll provider, you can rest assured knowing you have the right help to make payments correctly and on time, every time. Plus you’ll also have more time to focus on your business by reallocating your valuable time.

BAS Lodgement and Assistance

Filing Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Installment Activity Statements (IAS) monthly or quarterly can be complex and time consuming, and they must be lodged and paid on time in order to avoid penalties from the ATO.

A Helix bookkeeper can take care of this for you, including the preparation and lodgement of BAS and IAS with the ATO. We can work with you to ensure that your statements are filed on time, every time, so you can focus on running your business.

Accounts Receivable (and Credit Control)

It’s hard to keep on top of accounts receivable and billing, track debtors, and make sure you get paid on time, especially if you’re a small business.

This can ultimately cause damage to your business if you don’t have the cash flow to pay your bills with cash management still remaining one of the major contributors to people going out of business.

A Helix Bookkeeper can help you create timely and accurate invoices to ensure you’re billing for all of the work you’re doing, and follow up on overdue invoices to ensure you get paid what you’re owed.

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Accounts Payable

You’re running and growing your business, but the more suppliers and creditors you have, the more at-risk you are for costly errors in your accounts payable process.

Managing supplier and creditor relationships can be challenging, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes if you’re not careful.

A Helix bookkeeper can quickly and easily manage your supplier and creditor management and payments,  and let you get on with your business.

Online Accounting

You’re a business owner and you’ve been doing your own books for years now. It’s been working well enough, but you know it’s time to move to the cloud or get some help with an existing cloud accounting solution including Xero, MYOB, Quicken, and Reckon.

The problem is that making the switch or changes to an existing system can be daunting and you don’t want to take on any extra work or hassle.

A Helix bookkeeper, under the supervision of our accountants, can take the stress out of online accounting software selection and implementation including Xero, MYOB, Quicken, and Reckon, and give you confidence that your accounts are correct during and after the transition.

Bookkeeping Training and Procedures

Bookkeeping is a critical task for all businesses, but it can be hard to know the correct way to do everything, and what the best practice is.

Without good bookkeeping practices, things can get out of hand, and you may not realise if you’re making mistakes.

A Helix bookkeeping can help you get your bookkeeping in order with recommendations for software integrations, training on how to use the software, and documented procedures that are tailored specifically for your business. We can help you make the messy, into the easy, and ultimately make your business more efficient in the long run.

Online Accounting

The different types of accounting software can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for business owners who have a lot on their plate.

Trying to figure out what accounting software is best for your business can feel like a daunting task. You might not even know where to start.

Helix bookkeepers can offer expert and unbiased advice, setup, implementation, and training on the most effective accounting software solutions for your unique business requirements.

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